People offer me help

People offer me help, but unfortunately I interpret this as a violation of my rights as a paranoid eccentric.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

A favourite photograph

"Upload a single favourite photograph to your blog"

This photograph was taken in August 2009, in Gothenburg, Sweden. It wasnt taken with a particularly good camera, it wasnt taken with any technique or knowledge of photography, but its personal to me and reminds me of my first experiance of travelling abroad, without my family. My parents paid for my flights and dropped me off at the bus station to take me to the airport, but other than that, my friend and I planned and went on the whole trip ourselves. We were there for five days and on each day we sat at this spot and ate proper "Glass" (swedish ice cream) with our friends. The entire trip was amazing but this was one of the most memorable aspects of the whole trip...possibly because I spent the remainder of the trip inebriated.

Jag älskar svenska!

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