People offer me help

People offer me help, but unfortunately I interpret this as a violation of my rights as a paranoid eccentric.

Thursday, 27 January 2011


"Origin: The spleen is an organ in the body near the stomach. In European medicine from the Middle Ages until the nineteenth century, the spleen was thought to be the source of the "humours" that caused the emotion of anger. Therefore one could expel anger by "venting the spleen"."

The idea of a blog is my own personal nightmare. Not the sort of nightmare where you wake up and think, oh what an odd dream, i do hope i shant have it again...the kind of nightmare where you wake up lying in a pool of your own sweat, gripping your headboard with whitened hands and discover you've inadvertently pissed yourself. I hate being personal, I hate expressing my feelings, I hate expressing my personal feelings to the masses, i generally hate the internet..and so, by making an informed decision based on prior knowledge, i can safely assume that I hate anything that involves the internet AND expressing feelings...

I do however, quite like being a misery.

 As i'm constantly being told "Theres a lot of anger and acid in you for such a small person"  I'm planning to take a step back, breathe, evaluate the situation, and best utilise my strengths...I'm going to raise my hackles to the best of my ability and bitch, rant, spit, storm, fume, seethe,vociferate and generally drown this blog in my own a fair, informative, objective, considered and evaluative way of course.

Ta-Ta for now. xx

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